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IN ABOSOLUTELY NO PARTICULAR ORDER (a grab-bag of notions ’n’ quotate-shuns):

as of 8/9/10


“Inasmuch as ye do it unto the least of these, ye do it unto me.”

So saying, Reverend Beecher donated 25 Sharp’s rifles to the antislavery, free soldiers in Kansas.  His congregation, Brooklyn’s Plymouth Congregationalist Church, named these rifles “Beecher’s Bibles”.


“Good design is in the nature of things.”  Tamotsu Yagi


“On the windy side of care.”  Much Ado About Nothing


“Zu den Sachen” literally – to the things, Husserl’s phenomenological slogan -  Philosopher must be concerned with phenomena – things, and only these things.  “Things” however are not known empirically – phenomena known in and through brain.


“Phenomena are essences, phenomena are intuited.”  Phenomenology is a form of intuitionism!?!


“Joe Weatherly and Lee Petty exchange paint in frantic convertible action.”  Daytona, USA Weekly



 “You can lead a whore to culture but you can’t maker her think.” (having been given the word “horticulture” to pun with… yikes, she was clever)


“Depravity, genuine depravity, consists in freeing oneself from the moral relations to women with whom you enter into physical relations.” Tolstoy, Kreutzer Sonata


“To add provinces to Being, to hallucinate cities and spaces is an heroic adventure.”  Boyes (I know knot wear)


“If I were asked to name the chief event in my life, I should say my father’s library.”  Autobiographical essay, Neruda


“Ad pulchritudenum tria requiremtur; integritas, consomantia claritas.”  Aquinas (wholeness, harmony, radiance)


'Beauty is the proper conformity of the parts
to one another and to the whole.'
Werner Heisenberg


“A young man goes to Paris

but finds that it’s a cheat;

His mother’s read Frank Harris

Et la rue is just a street.”

(someone very clever, but I don’t remember who….)


“Question: what noise does “Un Chien Andalou,” the Bauhaus mascot, make?  Answer: Arp, Arp!”


“Once their heart belonged to Dada, now their art belongs to Moma.”  Michael O’Donoghue


“God is not in strength but in truth.”  Brothers Karamzov


“Until you have actually become everyone’s brother, the brotherhood of man will not come to pass.  People will never be able to share property and their rights as a result of any scientific advance, however much it may be to their advantage to do so.”  Brothers Karamazov

(Not sure the good must not be some “scientific” stick.  Elsewise, how will we choose the way of brotherhood?)


“What good can hell do if they have already been tortured to death?  And what sort of harmony is it, if there is a hell?  I want to forgive, I want to embrace, I don’t want any more suffering.  And if the sufferings of children go to make up the sum of sufferings which is necessary for the purchase of the truth, then I say beforehand that the entire truth is not worth such a price.”  Ivan  in Brothers Karamazov


“The lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne.”  Chaucer in Ars longa vita brevis


“I am afraid I am loving things with pain,”  from Morning by Kaye Boyle


“People make a fetish of culture.” someone, but who?


“Anytime you’re doing worthy work for a day’s pay – you feel good about it.”  Old black man in Hunter’s Point, SF, about being able to find work building new houses in the area.


“What do we want with this vast, worthless area?  This region of savages and wild beasts, of deserts, shifting sands and whirlwinds of dust, of cactus and prairie dogs?...I will never vote one cent from the public treasure to place the Pacific Coast one inche nearer to Boston than it is now.”  Daniel Webster, 1838


Oklanogue”  an Indian (don’t know what tribe) word meaning “givers of breath” = trees


“If we are to hope, we must all betray our countries.”  not sure who said this


Ontology recapitulates philology


The rebel who won’t break rules -- a poem, a film??


“I would assume that relations would exist between sounds as they exist between people and that these relationships are more complex than I would be able to prescribe.  So by simply dropping that responsibility of making relationships I don’t lose the relationship.  I keep the situation in what you might call a natural complexity that can be observed in one way or another.”  John Cage


“A man who is swayed by passions may have good enough intentions, may be truthful in a word, but he will never find the truth.

…A reformer cannot afford to have close intimacy with him whom he seeks to reform. …I am of the opinion that all exclusive intimacies are to be avoided…he who would be friends with God must remain alone or make the whole world his friend.”  Ghandi’s  autobiography


“As long as we consider war the solution, peace is not the goal.”  Mary Amundsen


“The unconscious logic of association is often deeper and truer than any syllogism.”  Kingsley-Alton Lock, 1850


“I wonder only,

will she warble back to me

or if already singing,

that she’ll sing more like a hawk

to fallen prey…

                  …and be heard”

I don’t know who wrote this…


“Courage is the most important human virtue.  Without it one cannot practice any of the other virtues.”  Aritstotle


“Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what no one has thought.”  Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, 1937 Nobel winner in Medicine


“The greatest danger to a man is that he forgets”  Merlin (paraphrased, I think, since I too can’t quite remember!) in film Excaliber


“The irregularities, slubs and shadings in this garment have been specially done to achieve a “fatigued” and worn look, and are part of the fashion value and characteristic of this look.” some explanation of some ‘shady’ fashion, can’t remember where I read it


“Am I therefore become thy enemy because I tell you the truth?”  Galatians 4:16, Paul


“Nostalgia begins with food.”  Che Guevera is quoted by Garcia Marguez in an interview in the Village Voice (I believe, but I cannot find this reference now!  Whoever said it, we used it as publicity for our Center Café.)


“To see a world in grain of sand

and heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of you hand

And eternity in an hour.”  Blake


“I will not excuse, I will not equivocate, and I will be heard.”  William Llyod Garrison of the “Liberator” 1831, abolitionist


“Prediction is difficult, especially if it’s about the future.”  Neils Bohr


AND A FEW FROM ME, Dan Harder, in response to… whatever.


“Don’t take it personally but sometimes there really are bad ideas.” dh


“Music is a passport to NOW.” dh


“Poetry, poetry…

oh, that jostling quiet that a few well-chosen words can conjure.” dh


“The thing is to be able to say it’s good, not simply that it’s done.”dh


“The wise man creates  necessity to mother his invention.”dh


“The experiment that is myself.” dh


“Somewhere between necessity and heroism lies choice.” dh


“Stand up and be countered!” dh


“You’ve got to wonder about a sex for which the greatest source of pride is ‘the one that got away’.”dh


“If things can be pretty ugly, can they also be ugly pretty?”dh


“How big does the diamond have to be to prove that he loves you – truly?  How gorgeous does she have to be to prove that you’re worth something?” dh


“I’m given to misunderstanding the benign advances of strangers.” dh


“Evidence is a cane for those without vision.” (though I don’t usually believe this) dh


“Will all questions and conflict be resolved when I allow myself to be completely myself… or when I allow the world to be completely itself?” dh


“Is it “i” I wish to be, or “eye”?” dh


“Could we learn the manners of leaves, we could leave manners altogether.” dh


“Some people get together for the simple joy of annoying one another.” dh


"Your saying it makes it said; you're communicating it makes it read." (me, to a less-than-convinced student)  dh


Men Songs (Mensonges!)  “Baby, I’ll be yours forever.” dh


“It’s not where you’ve been so much as where you think you’ve been that counts.

Save yourself $2000 and fly a book.”dh


“You don’t have to live your backstory.” dh


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