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He says, "it ain't chopped liver", but IT IS. Opening Night of our Center Cafe, 1/16/85, JCCSF

 Welcome.  You've arrived at a little window into what I am, have been, and want -- soon -- to be doing, mostly in the world of words.  If you've stumbled on this and want to get in touch, gmail me.  And if you like something here and would like to use it, fine... as long as you properly credit the source -- either me or the relevant publisher/producer/pronouncer. 

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Dan Harder is an award-winning playwright, poet, essayist, journalist, radio commentator, children's book author, and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area.  His books have been published by Hyperion, Graphic Arts Center, Pince-Nez Publishing, and others.  His essays have appeared in the LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Connotations, Saveur, etc., and his commentaries have been heard on NPR.  Dan's book Askew:  Found and Lost in the Almost South of France was reviewed and archived in the French Biblioteque Nationale de Paris by the avant garde Oulipo group.  The zipper poetry in Askew was the catalyst for "Zipperz", a modern opera (score by Nat Stookey) which premiered to good reviews with the Oakland East Bay Symphony in November, 2008.  As written on the dust jacket of Colliding With Chris, his first children's book about a boy and a bike, "Dan has a hard time finding the brakes on whatever he's riding.  Among other things, he's been a cowboy, a lumber truck driver, an owner of a restaurant (The Center Cafe, with his wife Ora Schulman), an actor, a translator, a sculptor, and a drummer."  Dan lives in San Francisco with his wife and two sons and teaches Philosophy and English at the French American International School.

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